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Boost your food business with Scan-N-Order! This revolutionary app turns any venue into a drive-through, reduces wait times, and simplifies ordering. Enjoy features like scheduled pickups and in-app payments, all while freeing staff to excel. Ready to transform your service? Join Scan-N-Order now.

Digital eCommerce

Scan-n-order streamlines your online digital shopping, making it a breeze to buy ebooks, audiobooks, tickets for seminars, conferences, plays, events, and activity vouchers. Ready to feature your digital products in our marketplace? Join Scan-N-Order now.


Introducing "Scan-n-Order" - the ultimate app for seamless mobile ordering. With Scan-n-Order, you can easily scan a QR code, instantly get all the details of the product, and order it right from your smartphone. Whether you're ordering food, individual products or digital goods, this app has got you covered. Say goodbye to long wait times, crowded lines, and tedious ordering processes. Scan-n-Order lets you skip the hassle and order on the go. Try it now and experience the convenience of mobile ordering at your fingertips.


  • Signup on the Scan-N-Order website and create your business account.
  • Quickly create your customized menu for your products or services.
  • Set up a printer to print your orders.
  • Enter payment processing details (Currently supporting Stripe and Square).
  • Display the Scan-n-Order generated customized QR code at a prominent place, display it on marketing material or send by email.

And Voila! You're Good to go.

With Scan-n-Order, your customers can scan the QR code and order their products or services, including making the payment via their credit card. They will receive an acknowledgment once the order is placed to collect their orders.

If you're a business owner, whether you run a restaurant, food truck, or individual or digital ecommerce store, Scan-n-Order is here to streamline your ordering process and increase customer satisfaction. Get started in less than 30 minutes by signing up on the Scan-n-Order website.

And if you're a customer who loves a particular business but wishes they had a better ordering system, let them know about Scan-n-Order and encourage them to get in touch with us. We're here to help businesses grow and succeed.

It is so easy to get started. We can set you up within 30 minutes.
A very simple easy to use, free mobile app.
Simple pricing and subscription plans available.


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Your questions and concerns answered

1. Where is the App Available?
The App is available on both Apple Store and Google Play store and the link is provided on this page at various places.
2. What is the cost of the App
The mobile app for the consumers is free of cost.
3. Can the consumers pay by cash?
Yes, the app enables consumers to pay cash at the counter.
4. Can the consumers pay by Credit Card?
Yes, the app enables consumers to pay by any type of credit card.
5. How can food truck owners sign up?
On the top of this page, click on “Sign-Up” and they can quickly sign up and create their menu and app codes quickly.
6. What is the cost to Food Truck/Restaurant owners?
The cost is based on number of orders processed and there are various options. Please connect.
7. How will the business owner see the orders being placed?
The orders can be sent directly to printer, additionally, the owner can set up to receive them by email or by text message. The orders are also stored in the back office of the scan-n-order web application.
8. What are the payment gateway supported?
We support Authorize.net, Stripe and Square


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If your favorite food truck or restaurant uses Scan-N-Order system, then download the app here from the app store. If they do not use it, ask them to contact us to get them started

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